Valentine’s Day was celebrated in several different ways Friday. At Kenyon Sunset Home, a Valentine’s Day king and queen were crowned to reign over the Valentine’s Day Party held later that afternoon.

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Jean Hogy excitedly reacts after she is chosen Kenyon Sunset Home’s 2020 Valentine’s Day Queen. (Michelle Vlasak/The Kenyon Leader)

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Receiving the title of Valentine’s Day Queen was a special moment for Jean, who says she has never been crowned queen in her life.

At Kenyon Sunset Home, residents voted on who they wished to be crowned. There was also a Valentine’s card drop-box for members of the community interested in giving valentines to the residents of the Kenyon Senior Living Campus.

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A Kenyon Senior Living employee laughs at Phillip Flaaen’s look of surprise, after announcing that he is the Valentine’s Day King. (Michelle Vlasak/The Kenyon Leader)

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Phillip Flaaen happily smiles as he is recognized for being crowned Kenyon Sunset Home’s 2020 Valentine’s Day King.

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Kenyon Sunset Home’s 2020 Valentine’s Day King and Queen are Phillip Flaaen and Jean Hogy. The royalty reigned over the Valentine’s Party later that afternoon. (Photos by Michelle Vlasak/The Kenyon Leader)

kindergarten valentines_4.JPG

Marshall poses with Sophia for a picture during their Valentine’s Day party at the Kenyon-Wanamingo Elementary School.

Over at Kenyon-Wanamingo Elementary School, students celebrated with classroom parties, with the help of room parents. Tanya Short’s kindergarten class made crafts, ate snacks and played “Kiss the Frog,” all while having lots of fun.

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In Tanya Short’s kindergarten class, the “Kiss the Frog” game was a popular hit with the students, where they were challenged to stick their lips on the lips of the frog, while blindfolded.

kindergarten valentines_1.JPG

Kindergartners enjoy an array of treats brought in by one of the classroom-parents. Pictured from left, Ella, Brooklyn, Parker, Korbyn and Kyleigh.

kindergarten valentines_2.JPG

One other activity Tanya Short’s kindergarten class was able to participate in was making a butterfly, which features their hand prints as the wing design. Pictured are Marshall and Ava, uniting their painted hands together.

kindergarten valentines_3.JPG

Students lay their butterflies on a separate table to dry. Making butterflies was one of the many activities they celebrated Valentine’s Day with.

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While the “Kiss the Frog” game itself was popular among the kindergartners, the pieces itself, especially the lips labeled with their names, brought along even more fun. Pictured from left, Dominick and Hank.

Seventh through 12th-graders spent the day celebrating in a different fashion, since the school’s Snow Week celebrations overlapped with the Valentine’s Day holiday.

All week long, the high school students participated in dress-up days and various activities to celebrate Snow Week.

tug of war

Seventh and eighth-graders compete against each other in the tug-of-war. The seventh-graders would end up winning that match, placing fifth overall in the Class Olympics, 150 points behind the winning 11th-grade team.

On Friday, students were asked to wear Valentine’s Day colors, and some students in each grade competed against each other in class Olympics. K-W’s FCCLA also sold carnations throughout the day, which is one of the organizations fundraisers. Some of the different events were tug-of-war, Hungry-Hungry hippos, half-court shots and another activity that tested students speed and agility.

class olympics game

Seventh through 12-graders participate in one of of the Class Olympic activities, where they ran around the circle in the middle of the gym, and raced to climb through their partner’s legs to grab a volleyball to stay in the game.

To wrap-up the Snow Week celebration, there was a pepfest in the gym, where the girls and boys basketball, wrestling and robotics teams shared important milestones of their seasons.

robotics team

The Bots in Shining Armour robotics team demonstrates the robot they built at the Snow Week Pepfest. The robot is designed to shoot objects through it, which is one of the challenges they received in the beginning of the season.

The Bots in Shining Armour — 3848 also demonstrated the robot they built, which was designed to shoot baskets.

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