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The front of city hall will likely see a new sign in the next year or two, as part of the city’s new logo and branding scheme project. (Michelle Vlasak/The Kenyon Leader)

A new logo and branding scheme, approved Jan. 13 by the Wanamingo City Council, will give the city a more modern look as it prepares to grow.

According to Spell Brand, a branding scheme or branding identity is “a collection of elements which work together to create unified, consistent and flexible brand assets that communicate the brand value to the target audience effectively.”

William C. Weigel, Brand Strategist and Designer, of Wanamingo has been working with a committee made up of Mayor Ryan Holmes and City Administrator Michael Boulton to create a brand design — which includes creating the name, logo, design and symbolic elements — that work best for the city. Before Weigel began his initial designs, he gathered information from the committee on the background of Wanamingo, including learning about the past, present and future goals of the city. The committee also met with Weigel on Nov. 19, 24 and Dec. 9 to make sure he was headed in the right direction with the design.

In a brand identity application proposal to the city of Wanamingo, Weigel wrote the new brand design “...will serve as a vibrant transition and provide visual consistency for residents and visitors to remember the city.”

The new design features a unique color scheme, that is different than neighboring cities.

The application of the logo and design is set to give the website a new look with a responsive layout, that is also mobile friendly. Some other places Wanamingo people may see the logo throughout the next couple of years are on social media, stickers, stationary for documents, including business cards and an official letterhead, staff shirts, vehicle graphics, on the front of city hall, light pole banners and roundabout signage. Weigel said that some items, like the sign on the front of city hall, will be placed on the back burner since the other items will be seen by more people sooner.

The business proposal with the city, approved by the council, includes communicating with various vendors to get the shirts, stickers and other items sent to the correct places, in the correct format. He will also ensure that things remain efficient and up to good standards throughout the process. Fees for the service are estimated between $2,000 to $5,000. Weigel began working on this phase of the project Monday. The remainder of the project timeline will be determined as vendors are reached and dates are set.

Weigel also modified Wanamingo’s statement as shows on the website. He changed the data-driven perspective to a more welcoming and descriptive perspective, including that Wanamingo has plenty of opportunities available for industrial, agricultural and business growth. Weigel was also sure to mention the city’s proximity to the Twin Cities noting that Wanamingo “is a relaxing environment away from big city life, with vibrancy and heritage running deep.”

One thing the city kept in mind in the design process was the flexibility of the new logo, as the current logo has been found not to adapt to different platforms, such as letterheads and shirts, used to promote the city. Since it is 15 years old, and because of the advances in technology, computers struggle to accommodate it.

Holmes added, “We don’t change the logo too often, so that’s why we wanted [a logo] that was timeless and will withstand the test of time.”

It has been a long-term goal of the council to complete the new logo design in time for it to be a part of the roundabout, as construction is set to begin this year.

The city hopes to unveil the new logo and its design elements by the Fourth of July celebration, taking advantage of the opportunity to hand out stickers during the parade, and for all the guests to be able to see the banners during the parade.

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