Starting with its June work session, the Kenyon-Wanamingo School Board will meet in-person, for the first time since last April.

While it’s discussed bringing all students back together inside of the schools in March, the School Board began looking at the possibility of meeting in-person again.

For a little over one year, the board has conducted work sessions and regular meetings virtually. It agreed to focus on keeping students in school and look at in-person meetings in May/June.

Now that the school year has come to a close, the board voted to resume in-person meetings at last Monday’s meeting.

Board member Tonya Craig asked if they would still offer a virtual option for members of the community to tune in. Superintendent Bryan Boysen said a live or recorded link could be provided for interested community members.

Building, Grounds and Technology Director Paul Clauson suggested recording the meetings would provide better quality.

Recalling a previous conversation about the topic, Board member Ben Bakken recommended using the district’s YouTube channel to livestream meetings, similar to how sporting events and activities were done.

Especially since the district already has the equipment — thanks to sponsors in the local communities — Craig agreed that using taping equipment would be a good idea.

The board will continue holding regular meetings and work sessions in alternate locations, with even months in Kenyon and odd months in Wanamingo. Work sessions will be moved from 5 p.m. back to 7 p.m. in order to accommodate board member’s work schedules, beginning with the June work session.

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