Traffic cones

The eastbound lane of the Hwy 60 west bridge over Hwy 52 at Zumbrota is closed while inspectors assess damage caused by a vehicle, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Three beams of the Hwy 60 west bridge appear to have been damaged from machinery being carried by a truck in the right lane of northbound Hwy 52. MnDOT inspectors investigated the damage on Wednesday and have been consulting with MnDOT bridge engineers. Further assessment will occur.

MnDOT personnel discovered the damage. No one reported hitting the bridge.

In the meantime, MnDOT closed the eastbound lane as a precautionary measure. Traffic across the bridge is being controlled by temporary traffic signals that allow one-way traffic to use the westbound lanes, while the other direction waits its turn at the signal. The intersection at Hwy 60 west and Hwy 52 sees an average of approximately 4,000 vehicles per day.

MnDOT will continue inspections and determine how to fix the damage in the coming days.

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