What will be your top priority if you are elected and why?

Molly Ryan: My first priority will be to get up to speed on the projects that are underway and the progress being made, including timelines, deliverables, etc. Also to review any projects approved that haven’t been started yet, and then review the projects that have been completed this past year and any learnings, both good and bad, that were determined. I will also need to expand my knowledge on the budget and the details that go into it to have a good perspective with where the city is at with finances.

How will you navigate challenges created from the pandemic to keep your community/district flourishing?

MR: The pandemic has created a lot of new ‘norms’ for our communities and our families, and those ‘norms’ likely will continue to change as we navigate through these challenging times. It’s important to realize that every family situation is different, and every business situation may be different. There are protocols, guidelines, regulations to consider, along with personal choice on what families, businesses, individuals, choose to follow. The precautions they want/need to take are in some cases their choice, but in others, their direction. We need to understand that and find creative ways to still support our local businesses and community. I’m excited to brainstorm on ways to do that.

If budget cuts become necessary, what criteria will you use to determine how to make those cuts.

MR: With any difficult decisions, I believe it’s important to lay out the details, walk through them to ensure everyone has a clear understanding, and then determine what needs to be done based on the impacts for all involved. As equally important in that is to have open and transparent communication, explain the ‘why’ behind the decisions that were made, and encourage feedback with questions or concerns.

How will you work with the rest of the board/council to overcome challenges?

MR: Challenges are inevitable, and in many cases, how we’ve dealt with them have helped to define who we are as individuals, families, committees, teams, etc. Throughout my career, I’ve led many technology project teams with large budgets and resources, and with those have had to work through countless challenges. For me, it’s about laying out the details and options, taking time to understand the different perspectives, and working together to find the best solution to work through the challenge.

What makes you qualified to serve in this position?

MR: I’ve spent the better half of my career in leadership and working with project teams. I’ve led teams through deadlines, project challenges, structure changes, and multiple mergers. I also have a good understanding of budgets and have had to work through challenges with them in either falling short or exceeding budget goals. I’m a strong believer in transparent communication, regardless of the message, and believe communication is key in this position. I know what it means to be a team player and collaborate together towards a goal. I feel serving as a City Council member is a great way for me to give back to the community that I’ve called home for the last nine years. I’m invested in the community, and want to use my strengths in helping it thrive long term.

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