“On Dec. 24, early to late morning hours, multiple Kenyon citizens were victimized by a string of garage burglaries, vehicle break-ins, and criminal damage to property complaints. The investigation is ongoing, so information regarding the suspects and crimes are limited at this time. If anyone has additional video of the criminal activity from the 24th, please contact the Kenyon Police Department.

“On Dec. 24, at about 11:13 hours, the Kenyon Police Department was dispatched to a burglary complaint. A victim saw two suspects trying to steal their property. The suspects were seen getting into a vehicle, in which the victim was able to get a description of and license plate number to. There was a short time delay, but the dispatcher quickly gave out the vehicle description. The officer working recognized the vehicle as being one that has been seen in the 100 block of Bullis Street. The officer responded to that location and saw the suspect’s vehicle parked in the driveway. More officers arrived on scene to attempt to identify the suspects and retrieve stolen property. Officers also saw an illegal fire burning in the backyard. Officers requested the Kenyon Fire Department to come and put out the illegal fire. While on scene, one of the suspects came out of the house and identified themselves. The suspect who was spoken to did not live there, but has been known to stay there. The suspect was transported away from the scene. Criminal charges are pending for that suspect. The identification of the second suspect is still under investigation.

“Kenyon Police Department is unsure if the vehicle break-ins and garage burglaries are related. Kenyon Police Department believes there may be a third suspect who can be seen in a surveillance video breaking into a car. Kenyon Police Department shared the video of that suspect.

“Kenyon Police Department was contacted by a vehicle break-in victim who saw the suspect up close. From the victim’s description, the suspect is believed to be a teenager, 5 feet, 6 inches to 5 feet 8 inches tall. Possibly blonde hair that goes past the ears.

“Kenyon Police Department does not recommend the community members attempt to apprehend suspect(s), but if someone finds themselves in that position, please call, or have someone call 911 immediately, so law enforcement can talk to the suspect(s). Kenyon Police Department would like to remind people to remove valuable items from inside vehicles, or at minimum, keep the items out of sight.

“Since the 24th, many items have been found around Kenyon. Kenyon Police Department would like to thank the residents for their help in recovering these items. If you are missing landscaping tools, please stop into the Police Department, or call, to identify the found items.

“If you have information for the Kenyon Police Department, please contact us directly at 507-789-5214, or call the Goodhue County Dispatch Center at 651-385-3155. For all emergencies, or if you don’t have the non-emergency number available, please call 911. Thank You!”

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