The communities of Kenyon and Wanamingo have come together to contribute to the Kenyon-Wanamingo School District for a unique reason.

“On Monday, Sept. 23 the Kenyon-Wanamingo Music Department received a gift that’s been a year in the making,” said K-W Middle/High School choir director Stephanie Schumacher.

The new Yamaha C5X grand piano was purchased through the help of the community and the school district to replace the Weber grand piano they once had. Over the years, many small repairs, as well as some more substantial repairs have been made to the Weber piano. It was getting to the point where it would cost more to repair the damages than to purchase a new one.

In November 2018, the district rolled out its “Buy a Key” fundraiser which opened the door to success. Individual donors had the opportunity to donate $250 in exchange for their name and dedication on a symbolic piano key. Between this fundraiser and the Waffle Feed they hosted in February 2019, just over $15,000 was raised. The school district contributed the rest of the funding for the full purchase of the piano.

Community support

Schumacher is thankful for every donation, every individual who helped make the new grand piano a reality.

“I cannot say enough how grateful I am to the members of our community who came out in full support of this initiative for our music students,” said Schumacher. “The generosity shown to us has been incredible. Our music department is as strong and vibrant as it is because of the support we have from our community and we are committed to keeping the tradition of excellence alive. This beautiful new instrument will serve our students for decades to come.”

Individual sponsors will receive recognition for their donations through a display at the Fall Pyramid Concert at 7 p.m. Veterans Day, Monday, Nov. 11.

This Pyramid Concert will not only feature all vocal and instrumental music students in grades two through 12, but it will also be a celebration of the country, the community and those among us who have served in the nation’s armed forces. After the fall concert, the sponsor display will permanently hang in the entrance to the auditorium at the Kenyon-Wanamingo Middle/High School.

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