July 1946

The recent research on the transmission of poliomyelitis has directed our attention to the fact that it may be possible to eliminate polio through preventative medicine.

All agents that might carry the virus and contaminate food must be eliminated. Flies and other insects may be responsible for the spread of polio. Every effort must be made to eliminate flies.

It is ordered that all refuse piles be removed, leaky garbage cans be replaced, weed patches cleaned up, and all stagnant pools of water be drained. All swimming in the Zumbro River is banned. R. R. Moses, M.D. City Health Officer.

Kenneth Estrem returned home from San Diego, where he has served in the Navy for the past year and a half. He received his discharge at Wold Chamberlain.

July 1961

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Canton, Greg, nine years old, Danny, seven years old, and Ricky, three years old, have moved to Kenyon from Luverne. The family now resides in the former Manthei residence at 421 Fourth St. Mr. Canton is employed by the Farmers Union Oil Company.

Receiving promotions at a regular meeting of the Kenyon’s Company C of 103 Transportation Battalion were Elroy Flom and Norris Bjorngaard. Flom was promoted to Sergeant and is assigned as a squad leader. Bjorngaard was also promoted to Sergeant and is assigned as a squad leader.

July 1971

Wayne Flaten, Kenyon American Legion Baseball Coach, chatted with Brian Kispert, coach of the Richfield Legion team, before the Richfield/ Kenyon game. Both coaches are graduates of Kenyon High School. Richfield defeated Kenyon 9-6 in extra innings.

Dr. James Hiner was elected chairman of the school board. He succeeds Maurice Flom, who has retired from the board.

Mrs. Amos Stolee was re-elected clerk, and Peder Sviggum was re-elected treasurer. Other board members are Arnold Maring, Oscar L. Jorstad, Howard Meese, and Alden Lanning.

The board accepted the resignation of Charles Hellie from the music department. He was on leave to fulfill his military commitment.

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