The following items are required school supplies for Kenyon-Wanamingo Elementary students for the first day of the 2010–2021 school year. Parents are asked to label each item with the student’s name unless otherwise noted.


Crayons — (24 ct. Crayola) — five to six boxes

Glue sticks —15-20, Elmer’s — unlabeled

Blunt scissors — (Kids Fiskars) — no plastic blades

Pencils to share — (Ticonderoga or USA Gold Brand) — 24

Pencil box — approximately 5” x 8” (no zipper bags)

Spiral notebooks — five

Backpack (no wheels)

Tennis shoes (Velcro if unable to tie)

Washable markers — eight pack Crayola Classic Colors, Broad Line (unlabeled)

Four pack low odor EXPO Dry erase markers

Tissues to share — two large boxes (unlabeled)

Pink Pearl eraser

First grade

Crayons — 24 pack — Three boxes

Glue sticks — two (unopened and labeled)

2-pack Pink Pearl erasers — one

Scissors — Kid’s Fiskars or similar quality

Pencils to share — (Ticonderoga or USA Gold Brand) — 24

School box — approximately 5” x 8”

Spiral notebooks — (wide-rule) — two

2-Pocket Folders — red, blue, green, yellow — four

Washable markers — eight or ten pack

Expo Dry Erase Markers — two pack

Tissues boxes (to share) — two

12 oz. hand sanitizer (to share)

Yellow highlighters — two

Headphones (no earbuds please)

Second grade

Crayons — 24 pack — two boxes

Glue sticks (six) and one 5 ounce glue bottle — (Unlabeled)

Two-pocket folders — red, blue, green, yellow — four

Scissors — Kid’s Fiskars or similar quality

24 pack pencils to share (Ticonderoga or USA Gold Brand) — two

5” x 8” Crayon box

Spiral notebooks (wide-rule) — three

8-pack washable markers — two

Tissue boxes (to share) — two


4-pack EXPO Dry Erase Markers — one

Yellow highlighter — one

12 ounce hand sanitizer (to share)

Clorox wipes (to share)

Third grade

24-packs #2 pencils — (Ticonderoga or USA Gold, pre-sharpened preferred) — three

Individual enclosed pencil sharpener

Pencil-top Erasers

Colored Pencils


Glue stick



Zippered bag for pencils

Single-subject notebooks (8 ½ x 11 wide-rule with spiral binding) — four

EXPO Dry Erase Markers

Headphones (no earbuds please)

2-Pocket folders —blue, yellow, red — three

Antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer

Tissues boxes (to share) — two

Daily Planner will be provided

Fourth grade

24-pack (Ticonderoga or USA Gold pencils) — one

24 pack crayons

24 or 48 pack of colored pencils

Black pens — two

Red pens — two

Fine-tipped EXPO Dry Erase Markers — four

Pencil box/bag


Large eraser — one

Glue sticks — four

Glue bottle — one

Pencil sharpener

Single-subject notebooks — six

2-Pocket folders — six

Headphones (no earbuds please)

Small container of anti-bacterial wipes — one

Tissue boxes — two

Daily Planner will be provided

Tennis shoes will be required for all students for physical education. No black soles if possible.

Please note that supplies will need to be replenished during the school year. Teachers will store extra supplies until needed and notify you if supplies are running low.

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