Community Alert

November 1944

Somewhere in France: “Thank you for sending me the Kenyon Leader. I have been getting it all the time, although some issues are old when I receive them. They are still news and read them cover to cover. S/Sgt. Albion M. Rodde

“Where There’s a Will” is the title of a comedy to be presented by the Junior Class of Kenyon High School. Cast members include Betty Holte, Doris Kyllo, Robert Dyrdahl, Lila Tiller, Patricia Dyrdahl, Maurice Brenna, Orvis Walker, Wayne Kispert, Beverly Ball, Marvin Schwake, Beverly Berg, Gene Knowlton, Maxine and Marilyn Voxland.

November 1959

The following were winners of the elementary school Halloween costume contest. Grade 1 Sharon Houglum, Sharon Nesseth, Douglas Hughes; Grade 2 Richard Urness, Christine Estrem, Kevin Overby; Grade 3 Lois Jacobson, Craig Wold, Muriel Flom; Grade 4 Rolf Jacobson, Maurice Brenna, Donna Herrlich; Grade 5 Marilyn Underdahl, Diane Musgjerd, Davis Strandemo; Grade 6 Don Herrlich, Wendy Manthei.

The dedication and laying of the cornerstone of the new education building of First Lutheran Church was held. The Rev. Virgil Foss gave the dedication sermon and Rev. A. E. Syverud officiated at the laying of the cornerstone.

November 1969

The Kenyon High School Drama Club will present “Antigone” directed by Miss Frances Reschlien, assisted by Miss Marta Andre and Mr. Ralph Miller. Cast members are Linda Malloy, Guy Underdahl, Elaine Weisbecker, Craig Fogelson, Mark Walker, Darvin Dale, Jane Callister, Mark Finnesgaard, and Petra Vesters.

Studying organs of the human body in Miss Marian Moneke’s elementary school science room are Marlys Vangsness, Bobby Morris, Bob Nystuen, and Debra Sibley.

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