SOW 2-19-21

Kenyon-Wanamingo Elementary School Noble Knights of the Week for Feb. 19, pictured from left, front, Korbin Flotterud, kindergarten, Katie Valek; Trevin Johnson, first grade, Tony Donkers; Haddie Breyer, first grade, Megan Sabrowsky; Charlie Boyum, first grade, Megan Sabrowsky; Joenah Breyer, second grade, Renee Hildebrandt and Adlee Lunde, second grade, Deb Hinrichs. Back, Christian LaCanne, third grade, Val Ashland; Morgan Laue, third grade, Sandy Sahl; Wyatt Ehrich, fourth grade, Rhonda Thesing; Violet Peterson, fourth grade, Jake Wieme and Colter Livingston, fourth grade, Jena LeTourneau. (Photo courtesy of Kenyon-Wanamingo Elementary School)

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