Democracy — That is what we practice in the United States and in St. Peter. We have an election for City Council, mayor and School Board coming up in November.

The time for candidates to file for election ended a couple of weeks back and the final list of city candidates for the Nov. 5 general election ballot looks like this:

Mayor – elect 1

Chuck Zieman

Shawn Schloesser

Ward I – elect 1

Keri Johnson

Harry Youngvorst

Ward I (to complete term 12/31/2021) — elect 1

Dustin Sharstrom

Shanon Nowell

Ward II – elect 2

David B. McGuire

Terry L. Bergemann

Emily Bruflat

Bradley DeVos

It is great that we have people that are interested enough to put down their names on the ballot and plunk down their $5 filing fee to represent you in making decisions for our great community. While the rules don’t allow you to vote for all of them, I think it is important to thank them all for their interest in service.

These jobs are hard and take lots of time and energy. Often the decisions that have to be made do not make everyone happy. They require homework — and who likes homework? They require time away from other activities and family and they require thought and energy and more than a few evenings each month.

So I would suggest that anyone who has filed should get a big thank you for making official their interest in serving all of us. If you bump into one of the candidates on the street, at the store, at a game or anywhere else, be sure to thank them for their interest in serving.

One last thought. Maybe we should also thank the League of Women Voters and the Chamber of Commerce for hosting the candidates forum in October. What a great way to learn more about the candidates thoughts and views. As the election draws closer, watch for upcoming dates the forum will be broadcast on Public Access TV.

Will you watch? It makes me wonder…..

Todd Prafke is the city administrator for St. Peter.

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