To the editor:

Americans are being left behind. Politicians of both major parties talk a good game, but when it comes down to it they have sold their souls to special interests. Every year we hear a grand speech about change, but the voters get more of the same. I was ready to be skeptical about the candidates in this year’s race for Minnesota’s first congressional district.

That was until I heard Rich Wright was running. Rich has lived a life of action and a life of principle. Unlike Washington hack Dan Feehan, Rich was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota. He understands that everyday people, especially farmers, are the backbone of America. Rather than line his pockets as so many lawyers do, Rich has fought for the forgotten people in America.

A drug crisis has gripped America. Rather than solve the problem, politicians have profited off of it. Rich wants to reform the criminal justice system which seeks to punish those it profits off of, rather than address this danger to public health and family life.

Rich is putting farmers at the front and center of his agenda. Rich will expand safety nets for farmers. This includes full crop insurance for unforeseen losses. He will further investment in farming, enabling young farmers to embark on dreams that have been denied. He is also going to rebuild the decaying infrastructure that is quickly falling behind other world powers.

Rich is focused on creating jobs and he is demanding that the rich pay their fair share. America is falling behind, as we are outpaced in agriculture and infrastructure. Rich is one of us. So let’s trust him.

Nick Pemberton

St. Peter

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