Our first day of fall has officially come and gone so I guess that means we can officially start fall cleaning… And to kick things off we had a household hazardous waste collection last week in Klossner.

One-hundred thirty residents participated in our collection event. Most of those participants came from the west end of Nicollet and Sibley counties and most had full loads as we filled up almost two semi’s of materials. We had over 2,600 pounds of farm chemicals, which was great to see this material disposed of properly.

We also had over 400 gallons of used oil and old fuel that went into drums. Four and eight foot light bulbs also came in mass quantities as we collected over 2,500 bulbs by the end of the day, which was a new record. These fluorescent light bulb tubes have mercury in them so it is very important to get them to a hazardous waste collection and is illegal to throw them in the garbage.

We also collected over eight pallets of oil and latex paint, which do get recycled. Hats off to those that participated and please contact us if you missed this collection and are in need of disposing hazardous waste materials.

I also want to give a quick reminder that October is fire prevention month coming up and we want our residents to remember to dispose of your rechargeable batteries correctly. All rechargeable batteries must be taken to a hazardous waste collection center for proper disposal.

Weather, it’s a rechargeable tool battery, hearing aid, watch, calculator — button battery or even a vape pen battery they must be disposed of properly or there can be a thermal run away with these batteries and start a fire. However, alkaline batteries are safe to throw in the garbage but not rechargeable batteries.

Next up we have our annual fall tire, appliance and electronics collection at the Fairgrounds in St. Peter on Saturday, Oct. 2 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. You can find our prices on our web site and in our ads in the local papers. We had a very large turnout last year and are expecting the same this year if the weather holds. Items that can be disposed of are tires — car, truck, semi or tractor. Any size appliances or TVs. We also will take mattresses, box springs, lazy boy chairs and couches. Kids car seats will be the only item taken for free.

On the news front, McDonald’s will be making an effort to make it’s Happy Meal toys more recyclable by switching to more corn based plastics rather than petroleum based fossil fuels. Maybe you notice that at the end of 2020 they switched out the drink cups from an unrecyclable wax paper cups to a #5 plastic, which is recyclable. Chobani is also taking a lead in making it’s yogurt cups more recyclable. So it’s great to see that large Corporations are making an effort to recycle more and use less waste.

Lastly, I would like to give a shout out to the DAVMN.org folks, otherwise known as the Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota Foundation. I bumped into one of their volunteers cleaning out the local clothes and shoes drop box located by the Red Men Club in St. Peter. I want to remind our residents that those boxes are only for clothes and shoes.

No bedding or pillows are accepted. They also have a box up in Arlington and more in the Mankato area. These boxes are a great opportunity for our residents to donate clothes or shoes (maybe part of our fall cleaning..) to give to others that are in need of these items and get reused. These donation boxes also help raise money for our disabled veterans, which is a great cause! So please remember these boxes are only for clothes and shoes. NO pillows, bedding or toys.

That’s all for now, please visit the Nicollet County Waste wizard for recycling questions or give Tri-County Solid Waste a call at 507-381-9196 with any of your recycling or disposal questions.

Al Christensen is the Tri-County Solid Waste director, serving Nicollet, Le Sueur and Sibley counties. Reach him at al.christensen@co.nicollet.mn.us.

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