To the editor:

This letter is being written to encourage voters to re-elect Paul Thissen to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

I know a lot of attention is being given important Federal and State Legislative races but the ballot will also show names of Judges seeking election in Minnesota. I know many of us look at those long lists of judges and just don’t know who to vote for.

I served twice on something called the “Judicial Selection Commission”. This independent Commission of lawyers, and general public members from all over the state review applications for open judicial positions and send names of candidates to the Governor to be appointed.

The commission through the years vetted many many applications for district courts, court of appeals, and the Supreme Court in Minnesota. Then the commission interviews the candidates before forwarding the best candidates names to the Governor for appointment.

Justice Paul Thissen went through this process before being appointed to the Minnesota Supreme Court. I wanted to assure our area voters that while you may not have met Justice Paul Thissen, or know of his background, I was on the commission that checked his qualifications and his reputation within the legal community. You should know he was highly recommended to the Governor for this appointment because of his long and broad experience in the practice of law, his character, his temperament, and his commitment to the judiciary as a part of our government. His website describes his significant legal background and public service.

I hope this helps you when considering your vote for the Minnesta Supreme Court.

Kathy Sheran


This letter is a paid political endorsement.

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