To the editor:

I finally finished “The Right to be Cold”. I have a few thoughts.

It is personal. I have finished the community reads title, finally. It took me longer than its length indicated. This morning walking my little dog into the wind, I realized what the author meant with her talk of “A right to be cold”. Her and that Gretta girl whose face keeps showing up on my TV. The environment is personal. The changes in temperature and rainfall and wind speed affect me, personally, now. I have been mistaken to think it was about saving whales and glaciers and rainforests. It is about me. I have recycled every glass and steel and aluminum container I have ever purchased. But the market has wrapped more of my life in plastic that is made from components old enough to be fossils. It is personal. I have tried but have I done enough? It is personal. I need to do it to save me.

Larry Kiewel

St. Peter

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