Editor’s Note: Nyachua Thol Yik Biar (Martha James) was featured in a previous article in the Dec. 16, 2017 version of the St. Peter Herald. She is a native of South Sudan who has lived in the United States since 1999.

As a proud member of SPLM-IO who believes in the rule of law and rights of every human being to freedom of movement, freedom of expression and other rights spelled in the United Nations Charter, I would like to take this opportunity and call for the following in South Sudan:

1. Release of Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon Chairman & C-in-C of SPLM/SPLA-IO from unlawful detention imposed on him by the Region, the IGAD.

Dr. Riek Machar is the leading main opposition leader against President Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba and signatory party to the conflict, he has tremendous responsibility like other stakeholders by making sure all the provisions of the R-ARCSS are implemented in letter and spirit. As leader in South Sudan society, his free movement will essentially help the smooth implementation of the agreement as we have seen at the time when he was confined in South Africa. Moreover, region was thinking that his isolation would have play positive role in bringing the lasting peace in the country which turned to be the opposite in the grassroots. Hence, his immediate release will pave away forward for the speedy implementation of the signed peace agreement (R-ARCSS) on the 12th September, 2018 in Khartoum, Sudan.

2. International Community, the EU,AU, Troika, China and Friends of South Sudan to Support the Implementation of the R-ARCSS

The international Community has an important role of making sure that the agreement they brokered and needed desperately by the South Sudanese is implemented. South Sudanese, at this stage of the agreement, need moral and financial support from the friends of South Sudan and the wider international community and to make sure no party is allowed to abrogate the signed agreement without dire consequences as we have seen in July 8, 2016. The international community must also speaks with unified voices with regard to what ought to be done from IGAD, UN, AU, China, Troika, EU and friends of South Sudan to have smooth implementation of the agreement on the resolution of the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan.

3. The government of South Sudan to fully Implement the Security arrangement as stipulated in the agreement

The government of South Sudan like all the parties to the agreement has a responsibility by making sure all the provisions of the R-ARCSS are implemented. But, it also has extra responsibility to make the essential resources available for smooth implementation of all the pre-transitional mechanisms succeed including the Security Arrangement. The implementation of the Security arrangement does not only means the identification of the containments sites or the confinements of the troops to those sites but also trainings, provisions of foods, medical facilities and shelters to those troops under trainings awaiting amalgamation to be the National Army and other national Security organs in the country.

4. South Sudanese to unite and support the R-ARCSS which has been signed on the 12th of September, 2018 by the parties to the Conflict

South Sudanese as citizens have the responsibility under the R_ARCSS to own the agreement by preaching it and support their leaders in search of peace and the return of tranquility to South Sudan. Leaders alone may not manage to heal the wounds caused by the conflict in the long run without the involvement of the citizens. Therefore, there is a need for reconciliation, healing and forgiveness among the South Sudanese communities. We must accept one another and live as normal citizens side by side the way we use to be before the war in 2013. But that doesn’t means we forget what has happen rather we must be mindful and be vigilant not to repeat what had happened.

Nyachua Thol Yik Biar is a member of SPLM/A-IO and a Minnesota resident with connections to the St. Peter and Mankato area.

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