To the editor:

Last week, freshman Rep. Susan Akland found herself at the center of controversy. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune willfully mis-characterized Akland as someone who had no regard for the health and safety of her fellow citizens and was participating in what was being termed as an insurrection.

The saddest part of this recent chapter is that what has been reported and the negative reactions on social media and in the recent letters to the editor demonstrate that people are no longer interested in truth but rather are more concerned with finding a way to discredit Akland and demanding that she resign because she is not fit to hold office.

I am not a person who accepts what I read or hear at face value, but I am interested in the truth. Not only did I read the article about Akland’s intent, but I also spoke with her directly about what transpired.

I have known representative Akland for over 30 years and I can vouch that not only is she a woman of impeccable character, but she is also a person who has a deeper love for this country than your average citizen.

Akland’s role as a state representative is to speak to and engage with her constituents. When Akland chose to make an appearance at the peaceful rally at our state capital she did nothing wrong. In fact, Akland is doing the right thing by meeting with constituents whether it be one-on-one or at a lawful gathering.

There are those persons that will choose to ignore the truth and try to destroy our freshman representative, but for the rest of us we will stand with her as she represents her district.

Eric Litynski

St. Peter

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