To the editor:

Recently, Rep. Jim Hagedorn released a fundraising email that demonstrates his careless neglect for the needs of his constituents. His denial of climate change is not just foolish but also irresponsible.

To deny that human behavior is causing a dangerous warming effect around the globe is unconscionable in an elected official. For decades, the Pentagon has warned that climate change has serious consequences for national security. In 2017, the EPA released a report that clearly stated that climate change has and will continue to cost the US economy hundreds of billions of dollars annually, with the numbers rising as the climate worsens. These costs will affect everyone, but farmers, who rely on a healthy climate to run their farms, will face increasingly dire circumstances. The negative economic effects of ignoring climate change far outweigh the speculative effects of addressing the issue, especially for the people of southern Minnesota.

Furthermore, what sort of personal freedom will be available to people affected by climate change? As the climate deteriorates, people may not be able to live in the places they want to live, consume the goods they wish to consume or work the jobs they wish to work.

Hagedorn’s McCarthyist attacks on Dan Feehan and the Democratic Party not only mischaracterize his political stances but also misrepresent the facts in a shameful manner. Southern Minnesota doesn’t need a representative who peddles misinformation and divides his constituents for political gain. We need a representative who will tackle the biggest issues and unite us with a common goal of a more prosperous society for all of us. We need Dan Feehan.

Nicholas Summers

St. Peter

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