In 2019, Jeff Brand voted to require public schools to teach “Comprehensive Sex Education” (CSE), pre-K to 12th grade. It passed the House but failed in the Senate. It will be back next year.

CSE, however, is much more than expanded sex education.

Planned Parenthood, a primary promoter and lobbyist for CSE, describes in its “Framework for CSE” the “shift away” from reproduction to “an emphasis on sexual expression, sexual fulfillment and pleasure.” [p.4] My take: CSE is a shift to teaching erotic pleasure.

Brand’s vote would also allow unlicensed PP instructors into the classroom.

One widely used CSE book, “It’s Perfectly Normal,” targeted to age 10 and up, uses graphic depictions, how-to’s, and moral-free descriptions of kids engaging in what many parents consider dangerous and unhealthy sexual activities, especially for minors. Other CSE books are even more graphic and explicit. Do you want your kids being taught there are no moral values with becoming sexually active, except ‘consenting’ and being ‘safe’?

If CSE was truly ‘medically accurate,’ books would include health risks associated with the high risk options. They do not.

PP writes (Young People’s guide to ‘Sexual rights’): “sexual pleasure [is] important for all young people.” [p.3] “irrespective of age.” [p.9] So much for “age appropriate!” Do you want our kids being taught they have a right to any kind of sex at any age?

Another influential group, SIECUS (Sexuality Information & Education Council of the US), calls itself, “Sex Ed for Social Change.” CSE is, it states, “a golden opportunity to create a culture shift” and to “dismantle white supremacy,” revealing a race-based ideology. It appears to me that CSE is a cover for indoctrinating our kids in the values of the radical left.

SIECUS describes CSE as “reshaping cultural and societal narratives.” This is a frequent definition of cultural Marxism. Should sex ed be used to indoctrinate our kids in Marxism?

Advocates say that teaching ‘consent’ is teaching kids how to say ‘No.’ In reality, the bill requires teaching minors how to ‘consent’ to sex, defined in the bill as “affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement to engage in interpersonal, physical, or sexual activity.”

“Bodily autonomy” is another mandate in the CSE bill that usurps adult authority. “Bodily autonomy” in CSE language also seems to mean abortion rights.

Local school boards should be making curriculum decisions, not state politicians.

Brand voted for CSE. Now it’s our turn. Vote no on Brand.

Julie Quist is a resident of St. Peter and a political activist at the local level.

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