It is not unusual to hear hunters lamenting that wild turkeys are hurting the native ruffed grouse population. Many believe the turkeys eat grouse eggs, fight for the same food source and make life miserable for the native grouse. Adding to the perception is that more and more turkeys are be…

I was recently at a celebratory dinner, and one of the attendees mentioned she likes the HOT SHEET and reads the “Makes Me Wonder” column.I said, “Thanks for reading. It’s one of those ways we try to give people a sense of what’s going in the city.”

I stand with cheeseburgers. It’s the most political statement I’ll make in this column all year. Food choices abound in America. A leading Democratic presidential candidate, California Sen. Kamala Harris already made headlines for her comments on how she loves cheeseburgers from “time to tim…

Letters to the Editor


Two very distinct sides of a rezoning decision surfaced at a recent St. Peter City Council meeting. At stake was a prospective business development on South Minnesota Avenue, as well as the loss of a residential property and concerns over “commercial creep” along the historic city roadway.

In late 2015, Le Sueur County Administrator Darrell Pettis spent hours developing his year-end budget presentation, the pages of charts designed to help unfamiliar readers understand where the millions of dollars included in the 2016 plan would come from and where they would go.

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