A local man racked up felony charges in separate incidents over the summer.

Michael Jacob Passmore, 34, who was listed with Cleveland and Kasota addresses in the separate cases, was charged with felony illegal possession of a firearm and 5th degree drug possession, in addition to gross misdemeanor child endangerment, connected to an alleged incident in June. He was charged with felony threats of violent, gross misdemeanor theft and misdemeanor damage to property connected to an alleged incident in August.

Tierre Dan'L Alton, 34, of Cleveland, was also charged with gross misdemeanor child endangerment for the alleged June incident.


According to the complaint related to the June incident, an agent of the Cannon River Drug and Violent Offenders Task Force received information that Passmore was using and selling methamphetamine from his Cleveland residence. On June 27, agents searched the residence.

Two children, ages 13 and 1, were in the home at the time of the search. A pump action shotgun was reportedly found in the 13-year-old's room, and the child advised officers that Passmore had given him the gun. Passmore has been convicted of felonies previously, making it illegal for him to be in possession of any guns or ammunition, the complaint said.

Upon further search, officers allegedly found suspected marijuana on Passmore's person, in addition to two pipes with meth residue, plastic baggies with meth residue and a digital scale. In the garage, agents found more baggies containing a white residue and another digital scale.

Agents also discovered that Passmore and Alton were residing in the basement of the home with the 1-year-old. There were no egress windows in the sleeping area.

Alton and Passmore reportedly both admitted to sleeping in the basement with the 1-year-old and both admitted to Passmore's drug use. Passmore also said that he gave the 13-year-old the shotgun and said he thought it would be OK in the home, according to the complaint.


According to the complaint related to the August incident, officers received a complaint of property damage and threats involving Passmore. The victim told officers that Passmore had allegedly become upset when the victim wasn't able to help him move his derby vehicle to the fair that weekend.

As a result, Passmore allegedly sent threatening texts to the victim and indicated he would damage his truck. The victim told police that the tires and spacers he had on his truck had been removed and put on another truck belonging to Passmore. The victim also said that the wiring on the rear tail lights of his truck had been cut and there was damage to the rear axle and a break caliper missing.

When officers contacted Passmore, he was reportedly very angry that the victim had called the police. Another person in Passmore's home indicated that they saw the tires on the victim's truck previously and later on Passmore's truck. They also said that a friend had seen Passmore near the victim's truck on the night of the alleged theft and property damage.

The total estimated loss from stolen and damaged parts to the victim's truck was $1,190, according to the complaint.

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