A St. Peter man was arrested and charged on 11 counts after allegedly robbing a St. Peter apartment and striking the tenant in the head with a frying pan during a physical altercation.

Mukwa Bear Floyd Davis, 23, was charged with three felony counts of first degree burglary for unlawfully entering an occupied residence, possessing a dangerous weapon and assaulting a person during the theft. He was also charged with two felony counts of assault for using a dangerous weapon and causing substantial bodily harm, felony second degree burglary, felony third degree assault, gross misdemeanor burglary in the fourth degree and two counts of misdemeanor fifth degree assault.

According to testimony from the victim, Davis had followed a former roommate of the victim into the apartment. At the time of the incident on June 28, the former roommate had moved out approximately ten days prior and there was no agreement in place for them to resume living there.

The former roommate made plans with the victim to pick up her mail from the apartment and arrived at the complex with two witnesses. Davis was asked to come by one of the witnesses. Upon arrival, the former roommate retrieved her mail from the unsecured entrance area of the apartment complex and then knocked on the victim’s window asking to be let in.

The victim said they told the former tenant to leave and called the police after she attempted to remove the screen from the window to enter the apartment. She then entered the apartment complex through the entrance by calling another tenant through the intercom. She reportedly opened the unlocked apartment door and walked inside unannounced with Davis following.

Davis allegedly stood in the doorway and refused to budge when the victim asked him to leave. A current tenant and witness said they saw the former tenant arguing with the victim and gathering her belongings from the apartment.

The argument turned physical according to the witness and Davis stepped in and grappled with the victim. The victim attempted to push Davis out the door, but he inserted his hand in the doorway and blocked it from closing.

During the altercation the victim grabbed a frying pan to get them to leave. A struggle ensued and Davis wrestled the pan out of the victim’s hands according to the complaint. The victim grabbed a second hand and a knife before Davis allegedly struck the victim in the head with the frying pan.

The assault left with a five centimeter cut that needed to be closed with staples. The victim also said their left big toe was fractured during the altercation.

When St. Peter police arrived at the scene, they reported hearing yelling and screaming from the apartment. The victim, a witness, the former tenant and Davis were in the apartment and the victim was seated with a rag held to their head. The rag was soaked in blood and police observed blood covering the front and back of the victim’s shirt and on the kitchen floor, carpet, wall and sink.

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