The Nicollet County Sheriff’s Office issued an active warrant on Oct. 1 for the arrest of a Mankato man accused of stalking a Nicollet resident and pulling out their hair through the doorway while attempting to enter their apartment.

Jason Samual Wilmes, 47, was charged with felony stalking, felony, gross misdemeanor and two counts of misdemeanor domestic assault, two counts of felony, two counts of gross misdemeanor and two counts of misdemeanor fifth degree assault.

Wilmes was previously convicted on two counts of violating a domestic abuse no contact order against the same victim in August, 2020.

According to the complaint, the victim woke up to numerous missed calls from Wilmes on Sept. 4 and he showed up uninvited at their apartment later that night. Wilmes was pounding on the door demanding property he left at the apartment. The victim said they told Wilmes to go away, but instead went around and banged on the apartment window. He began pushing on the window screen and the victim said they would call the police if he tried to break in.

The victim said the gathered a bag of clothing belonging to Wilmes and attempted to hand it through the door with the chain lock in place. But Wilmes allegedly reached through the narrow opening and grabbed the victim by their hair and slammed their head against the door. He then pushed in on the door and pulled on the victim’s hair with such force that he tore some of it out.

When officers visited the victim, they observed a red area on the victim’s scalp from the reported injury and located a clump of hair on the right side of the entryway matching the victim’s hair color.

During the encounter, a witness told police they came to the door to help the victim shut it. Wilmes reportedly laughed at the victim and said things like “I’m going to get you,” and “You think you’re done with me.”

The victim told police that Wilmes had threatened to kill them in prior incidents. He previously pointed a gun at them and told the victim he killed someone before and that he had shot at houses. They said Wilmes also tried to choke them in the past, injured their head, was violent toward other partners and previously forced the victim into sex.

They further stated that Wilmes was a jealous person that would control their daily activities, follow and spy on them, accuse them of cheating, throw away their personal belongings and leave threatening messages.

Wilmes’ acts of intimidation, threats and abuse were increasing in severity and frequency according to the testimony. Several weeks prior to the incident, the victim said Wilmes kept calling and leaving threatening messages on their phone and, a month prior, gave the victim a black eye.

Police spoke with other residents of the apartment complex. One told police that the victim texted them several weeks prior to look for Wilmes if he showed up at the building. Another witness said they heard “hooting and hollering” earlier in the morning and another indicated hearing Wilmes demanding his property and banging on the window.

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