McDonald’s opens 6 a.m. Thursday after what owners called a “long four months” of reconstruction at the north St. Peter site. With around 40 new hires (many previous workers left after the reconstruction started in March) and a couple dozen veteran staff, the fast food restaurant opens with a number of new features and offerings.

Among the most important of the changes is the direction of the building. It’s longer side is now parallel with Hwy. 169, meaning the drive-thru lane has more space to operate. It also starts as a two-lane drive thru with two ordering screens to help manage the steady flow of traffic. And the drive-thru now features a few parking spots at the end for anyone who has a wait on their order, plus a third window for coffee-specific orders.

Inside, there is a brand new look, featuring one of McDonald’s themes: roadtrip. There are also new ordering kiosks, so customers can order electronically, while two registers allow for the traditional method. The tables, meanwhile, are numbered, so customers can sit down upon entering, order their food on the McDonald’s app and have it delivered out. That same app also allows customers to order curbside pickup, and there are parking spots outside for that purpose.

The play place is also brand new, with the latest equipment the company offers. That won’t be open immediately, due to COVID-19 precautions still in place.

Finally, the new McDonald’s will offer a few new drink options, including specialty coffees and frozen drinks, thanks to the addition of equipment it didn’t previously boast.

Entrances to the McDonald’s still come off Old Minnesota Avenue and St. Julien Street.

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