Medallion finder

David Briese, of St. Peter, had the help of two of his daughters in finding the Winterfest medallion at Ramsey Park Sunday. (Photo courtesy of Ed Lee)

The St. Peter Winterfest Medallion was found in Ramsey Park at 3:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 9.

Historian David Briese, of St. Peter, was clearing a path in the 9 inches of new fallen snow when he hit something hard with his metal shovel.

“I knew it wasn’t ice. I picked it up, saw what it was and started screaming to my girls that I found it,” said Briese, who was with daughters Rainn and Helen.

Briese had searched for an hour by clearing a path in left field of a ball diamond as he was working toward the fence line. A recent clue suggested that would be a good idea, he said.

He had been searching an hour every day, only in that area, because as early as clue No. 3, the first letters in the lines started to spell R-A-M-S-E-Y, he said.

The 12-year resident of St. Peter, who serves as site manager at Jeffers Petroglyphs with the Minnesota Historical Society, has searched each of the past three years for the medallion. Clues about history are always sprinkled in.

“I think it helps to know history with this,” Briese said. “The clues always have something with the past.”

Briese grew up in Mankato and earned history degrees at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

The medallion nets him a $1,000 prize in Chamber Bucks. Briese doesn’t know yet how he is going to spend the loot, other than to give each of his three girls $100.

His wife Dana and daughter Estella, who is the twin sister of Helen, stayed home instead of joining the search on Sunday. David chuckled when saying Dana did all the shoveling of the snow that fell overnight Saturday to Sunday.

“But I did the laundry and meals,” Briese laughed. “So at least I was doing chores.”

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