At the heart of Cleveland’s All-School play, subText is a reminder that "love is a lot of things, but even in the digital age, it is rarely a thing of convenience."

In a series of 10 vignettes the performance, which runs tonight (Friday) and tomorrow, is a silly series of vignettes detailing the awkwardness of dating in the digital age, from capturing the perfect selfie to making a relationship Facebook official.

Director Amy Kehoe said she chose the play because it has many roles. All told, the cast includes two dozen students, ranging from fifth graders to seniors.

“It has lots of little parts that showcase a lot of my actors,” Kehoe said. “I was able to bring a lot of young ones in again.”

Center stage are seniors Josh Dawald, Calli García and Colton Hoehn. It is García’s fifth play at CHS, Dawald’s second and Hoehn’s third.

“I refer them to as my heavies because they are able to handle everything that’s going on,” Kehoe said. "They have come a long way as actors.”

Other members of the cast include fifth grader Lucy Tauer; sixth graders Samantha Baker, Nathan Brink, Calvin Karles, Anna Kawatski, Carter Kern, Lilly Meier, Elijah Mons and Vanessa Wondra; seventh graders Mylie Dylla and Trinitie LaBarr, Joanna Larson; eighth grader  Madysen Seely; Freshmen Alanna Hartman, Micah Peterson, Amelia Tauer and Samantha Wondra; juniors Ashely Aguiniga-Chargon, Emmie Dittmar, Jillian Rohlfing and Macey Ziebarth.

Keohoe said the play’s theme should resonate with her audiences, which will be composed of mostly students.

Both showings are at 7:00 pm in the high school auditorium.

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