The St. Peter American Legion is getting a boost with help from Home Depot.

The Legion, located at 229 W Nassau St., will see its bathrooms renovated in December. Home Depot volunteers will donate labor, and the company will also provide materials. In total, the award to the Legion is for $15,000.

“We’re going to be updating our two existing bathrooms we have here — male and female,” Legion member Nancy Vogel said. “We’re going to be gutting them out, putting in floors, walls, ceilings, stalls, fixtures and toilets.”

Commander Dave Arpin added, “We’re not changing the footprint, so it’s not technically a remodel; we’re just updating our men’s room and ladies’ room.”

He continued, “It’s huge to get the grant from Home Depot, because it allows us to do things we don’t ordinarily have the money for. And it forms a great partnership, because the Home Depot has always been veteran-oriented.”

The Home Depot point person for the project was Associate Support Department Supervisor AmyJo Brunick. She noted that the company is always aiming to get involved in projects for veterans, and this project even has a personal motivation for her.

“I’m from St. Peter and moved to San Diego when I was 3,” she said. She moved back to St. Peter in April. “My (grandfather Orville Brunick) was a member of the Legion, and he’s on that wall (in the St. Peter Legion). For me, it definitely is more personal, and anything my company can do to help out people that have given up so much for us, we’re all for it.”

The Legion is still on the hook for any electrical and/or plumbing work in the bathrooms, but auxiliary member Marcy Lorentz noted “We have been very fortunate to have numerous volunteers that are going to help with the work. It’s amazing how many people in the community have stepped up.”

The bathrooms aren’t the only changes in the Legion leaders’ sights. They also recently upgraded coolers — a small one in the bar upstairs and a walk-in downstairs. They have plans to do further renovations to the space, too, utilizing money from the recent sale of the old Whiskey River building. The organization is already working with the city to secure funds to help with ADA compliance.

“Eventually, we’re hoping to expand, and at that time, we’ll be working with the ADA compliance and all that,” Arpin said. “We had some money in our building improvement account to take care of our walk-in beer cooler downstairs and to update our bathrooms, and that’s what this partnership (with Home Depot) is all about. Eventually, the Post is looking at ways of looking at remodeling the existing building, but that hasn’t been finalized yet.”

The major work on the bathroom upgrades is set to take place Dec. 8 and 15.

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