River's Edge Hospital St. Peter

(Photo by Jon Smithers)

While pandemic cases continue to rise locally and statewide, River’s Edge Hospital is sticking to the protocols it’s had in place since April.

Just weeks after an international pandemic was declared, River’s Edge tightened visitor restrictions in the hospital, Emergency Department, Urgent Care Department and other care locations.

River’s Edge limits patient visitors to those in end-of-life situations and minors that need a parent or guardian present.

“We understand how difficult it is for our patients and family members to be in the hospital or come to the emergency room, urgent care, or other appointments and not be able to have that support person with them,” said Paula Meskan, Interim CEO at River’s Edge Hospital.

Employees at River’s Edge Hospital take extra steps to make sure patients and family are able to connect by helping facilitate window visits, virtual visits, and post discharge phone calls to ensure the patient is doing well and all understand the discharge instructions, precautions, follow-up appointments and plan of care.

As of today, elective surgical procedures continue at River’s Edge. All surgical patients receive a COVID-19 test prior to their procedure. Patients who test positive for COVID prior to their procedure will have it rescheduled for a later date.

“Visitor restrictions and patient COVID-19 testing are just two of the ways River’s Edge Hospital is continuing to provide the safest place for patients to receive care,” Meskan said. “We also want to stress how important it is to seek medical attention in emergency situations. COVID is not the only medical condition people should be concerned about. Please seek care at any health facility if you are experiencing a serious medical issue.”

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