A man was arrested in Nicollet County for allegedly possessing nearly 80 grams of cocaine in his car.

Archibald Scott Briggs, 28, of Mankato, was charged with four felony drug offenses including sale and possession in the first and second degree.

According to the criminal complaint, Briggs was pulled over on Hwy. 169 on account of a broken taillight. The attending officer reported smelling marijuana in the car. Briggs allegedly admitted to possessing “weed” in a black bag in the backseat of his Cherokee.

Upon a search of the vehicle, the officer said they recovered three pouches of marijuana, a marijuana grinder, a digital scale and $20 cash. The officer continued their search and allegedly found a knotted grocery bag with four smaller bags inside containing a white substance according to the complaint.

Briggs was placed under arrest and a body search allegedly uncovered a large amount of cash on his person and two cell phones. In plain view, the officer said they observed Briggs send messages on his Apple Watch reading “They found it” and “My white and my money.”

The white substance tested positive for cocaine and weighed 79.8 grams according the complaint. The large amount of cocaine, $7,120 in cash multiple cell phones led the officer to suspect Briggs of drug dealing.

According to the complaint, Briggs admitted to possessing the marijuana and cocaine and selling the cocaine on the weekends at bars in downtown Minneapolis and Mankato.

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