Saints Brew Crew

Members of the Saints Brew snack and beverage cart crew making their way around SPHS recently offering treats to staff members in the afternoon. (Photo courtesy of Kurt Hildebrandt)

A somewhat regular occurrence during the school day at St. Peter High School has become popular among school staff, as Liz Leibfried’s Life & Work Skills students make their way around the building in the afternoon with their Saints Brew snack and beverage cart.

The crew began offering tasty treats and beverages to SPHS staff this past fall and they were immediately well received. What treats they offer varies from week to week, but often includes baked goods, such as cookies, bars, and muffins, and, since the holiday season is over, they have included veggies and dip, or fruit, for those wanting to get their diet back on track. The beverages of choice usually include water, coffee and/or hot chocolate.

“Saints Brew has been such a wonderful project-based learning experience to add to our classroom,” Leibfried said. “Our week revolves around the coffee cart. Monday, we go out in the community and grocery shop for the food items. On Tuesday and Thursday, we bake the food for the cart.”

“The kids have seemed to really enjoy building relationships with staff in the building. The cart has increased their social and employment skills. Alyssa said she has learned to be more patient, and Emma loves working with her friends. Sabrina and Kiersten have increased their use of their communication device in a variety of settings.”

The students don’t charge anything for their treats and beverages, but they do accept donations and use those funds to buy more snacks and beverages for the cart.

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