A St. Peter man is accused of groping and sending inappropriate text messages to a teen girl.

Jeremy Alan Giefer, 47, was charged in September with three felonies including second degree criminal sexual conduct with a victim between 13-15 years old, fourth degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor and fourth degree criminal sexual conduct through force or coercion. He was further charged with a gross misdemeanor for alleged fifth degree nonconsensual contact.

The victim and a witness, both 13 years old, gave statements to law enforcement on Sept. 1. According to the complaint, the victim said Giefer texted her inviting her to come to his house in St. Peter and asking why she hasn’t come over to see it yet. Giefer reportedly offered to drive her to his house himself, but the victim did not want to share a car with Giefer and arranged her own ride on Aug. 30.

After arriving at the house, the victim stated they were sitting in the second floor bedroom of Giefer’s house while the witness was on the main floor. Giefer allegedly came into the bedroom, closed the door and pushed the victim on the back of the bed. He reportedly touched one of her breasts while pushing her onto the bed and then knelt on the mattress and straddled the victim, sitting on her stomach. He then grabbed the victim’s thigh, rolled her over and slapped her butt according to the complaint.

Throughout the encounter, the victim said she screamed the witness’ name to get their attention, yelled at Giefer to stop and called for help. She stated that she fought back and Giefer was laughing throughout.

The witness said they heard the victim’s screams, ran to the bedroom and threw the door open to find Giefer on top of the victim. They said Giefer may have been holding the victim’s arm’s down. After they opened the door, Giefer reportedly jumped off the victim and she exited the bedroom.

Around July 16, prior to the alleged encounter, the witness said Giefer began asking them about the victim more frequently and began texting her without the witness’ knowledge. Those texts included invitations to see his new house. Plans were made for the victim to come and stay the night in the house with Giefer and the witness.

In the evening following the alleged encounter, the victim and witness stayed in the bedroom together and locked and barricaded the door. Giefer reportedly sent text messages to the victim urging her to go to bed.

In the reported text conversation, Giefer is quoted texting the victim “Go to bed” and “I can still here u lol.” Later, he reportedly sent an image with the caption “SO… BORED,” prompting the victim to respond by messaging “Go to bed then lol.” Giefer then replied with “Not yet lol.” After the victim asked why Giefer wouldn’t go to bed if he was bored, he responded with a shushing emoji and an emoji with a zipper over the mouth.

He later texted “Visit.” and when the victim said she did not understand, Giefer messaged “Bathroom.” When asked why, Giefer sent the same shushing and zipper-mouth emojis. Asked why, Giefer messaged “All talk lol.”

Giefer was quoted continuing to urge her to meet him. He messaged the victim “Come out,” and when the victim asked why, he messaged “Door lock” and “I need help with my back.” He also sent an emoji of a lock and when asked why he wanted to get into the room, Giefer replied “U said.”

During the text conversation, the victim and witness said they noticed the bedroom door handle jiggle and believed Giefer was trying to get into the room. They said they only left the room once that night to use the restroom and the victim took pepper spray along with her for protection.

This was not the first time Giefer had engaged in sexual misconduct according to the victim and witness testimony. During a trip to Wisconsin in early August, Giefer allegedly walked into the bathroom while the victim and witness were changing, using the bathroom and showering. They estimated that Giefer did this six times, to the point that the victim and witness would alternate changing clothes while the other stood outside the door to keep Giefer from entering. They also started using the closet instead of the bathroom to change.

Law enforcement questioned Giefer on Sept. 7. According to the complaint, Giefer initially said he had not really talked to the victim, but later added that he invited her over. He allegedly said that he told the victim and witness to go to bed because he had to wake up early for work.

Giefer provided his phone to police and law enforcement stated that Giefer had already deleted the text conversation with the victim and removed her as a contact from his phone. Police said Geifer’s denials were inconsistent with the content of his text messages to the victim and the witness. While Giefer said he only texted them to go to bed according to the complaint, police report the text messages on his phone show the victim telling Giefer to go to bed and him responding “not yet.”

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