Neisen's 2

The new bar at Neisen’s Riverside, formerly Whiskey River, covers the backside of the space, adding an extra 90 feet of countertop to the 60 that already existed on one of the sides. Rather than the family restaurant feel of the Whiskey River, Niesen’s will be a place to eat, drink and watch the game. (Philip Weyhe/St. Peter Herald)

After getting stalled from its original opening on Sunday, Neisen's Riverside Sports Bar announced it would be opening 10 a.m. Tuesday instead.

Owners of the new business, which takes over the old Whiskey River building, were hoping to open Sunday, Nov. 24, but posted on Facebook Saturday that, due to "unforeseen circumstances," it would not open on schedule. The business then posted Monday afternoon that the new opening day is Tuesday, and that it would go on to be open regular business hours through Friday: 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. each day.

There was no indication of whether hours would be changed for Thanksgiving, or whether the business will be open for the weekend. See more about the new business in the Herald's first look story.

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