Hy-Vee St. Peter - Starbucks

The in-development Hy-Vee on the north end of St. Peter will include a Starbucks kiosk. The grocery store is expected to open late summer. (Philip Weyhe/St. Peter Herald)

The Hy-Vee in St. Peter is nearing an opening date, and it will include a Starbucks inside.

Those are the latest updates on the new grocery store, which is taking the place of the old Shopko Hometown on the north end of town, near Hallet’s Pond. Hy-Vee is renovating the space to meet its needs, and the plan, as of now, according to Public Relations Director Christina Gayman, is for a late summer opening. Gayman also confirmed that the store will have a Starbucks kiosk inside; the Starbucks will not include a drive-thru.

The company is pushing ahead on building out the grocery store, unimpeded by the ongoing pandemic, as construction was always listed as an essential service in the state of Minnesota. Hy-Vee and Starbucks logo signage are now up, indicating progress made.

“We are thrilled to part a part of the St. Peter community and can’t wait to bring a new offering for groceries to the local area,” Gayman said June 23.

{span}Other than the coffee shop addition, the plans are unchanged from when the store was originally {/span}announced in June 2019{span}. At that time, there was hope that construction could begin in 2019 with an early 2020 opening, but the timeline was pushed back, and construction began in spring 2020.{/span}

The grocery store is expected to come with food service, offering lunch and grab-and-go items, like pizza and Chinese food. It will also have a flower shop area, deli and bakery. The footprint will be smaller than the two stores in Mankato, and Hy-Vee Senior Vice President of Communications Tina Potthoff said the company has no immediate plans for expanding the building. The St. Peter Shopko building is about 36,000 square feet; the uptown Mankato store, first opened in 1997, is about 68,500 square feet.

“The footprint will be smaller than what you might see in Mankato or the Twin Cities,” Potthoff said. “A lot of the recent stores have been 6,000 to 30,000 or 40,000 square feet. Our stores are no longer 100 percent large format stores, so we’re looking at making this building our own. Our stores are a mixtures of sizes these days. Our new stores are no longer all 90,000 square feet. We’re exploring different sizes, as we continue to grow.”

Hy-Vee will be leasing, rather than owning the building, a common move for the company.

Shopko announced store closures, including its St. Peter location, in 2018. In early 2019, Hy-Vee announced it would be using part of the old Shopko building in St. Peter for a pharmacy, which is currently open to drive-thru customers. It had not previously announced plans to bring in the grocery store.

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