A man is accused of attempting to break into a Kasota home shirtless and covered in mud after crashing his vehicle in a nearby cornfield. He is further accused of attempted assault twice while in the Le Sueur County Jail.

Pedro Travis Maldonado, 44, of St. Paul, is charged with felony first degree burglary and first degree property damage. He also charged with felony assault in the fourth degree and obstructing the legal process for one alleged incident at the Le Sueur County Jail and for felony assault of a peace officer for a second alleged incident in the jail.

According to the criminal complaint related to the alleged break-in, officers were called to a residence in Kasota, with owners reporting that a man was outside of their home, with no shirt or shoes, pounding on the doors and windows, trying to get in. In addition to the two homeowners, there were also three children inside the home.

When officers arrived, they took Maldonado into custody after a reported struggle. An officer then observed that Maldonado appeared to be shivering or having some kind of body tremors, and he appeared to be fully covered in mud from his head to his feet.

Maldonado reportedly said that he had been driving on a gravel road when his vehicle got stuck in a cornfield, and he said several people with firearms were searching for him.

According to the complaint, in interviews with investigators, the homeowners said that they were in the home when they suddenly heard pounding on the doors and windows and the alarm system set off. When Maldonado allegedly approached the front door, one of the homeowners said he grabbed his handgun from another room and pointed it at Maldonado through the window.

Maldonado allegedly remained on the porch, so the homeowner came outside with the handgun and told him to exit the porch, and Maldonado then reportedly complied.

Investigators found mud, allegedly coming from Maldonado, on several of the windows and doors that the homeowner said Maldonado pounded on. The homeowners also noted that Maldonado had allegedly taken a decorative chair and broken it into multiple pieces.

Later, an investigator found that Maldonado’s wife had been recently arrested and was in Blue Earth County Jail. Maldonado said that he had come down to the Blue Earth County Courthouse for his wife’s court appearance. En route back to St. Paul, he said he got lost and attempted to turn around in the field, but ended up getting stuck. He then said he walked to the Kasota residence, according to the complaint.

According to the investigator, the car was approximately 25 feet into the field, and had knocked over several rows of corn.

Two separate complaints detail the two alleged incidents at the Le Sueur County Jail. Maldonado reported physically fought jail officers on two occasions and had to be tased. He also allegedly tore up his mattress in the jail, threw water at officers and spit in the face of a sergeant.

Presently, the three complaints are being handled separately in Le Sueur County District Court.

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