West Nassau Construction

The city of St. Peter sent out a construction crew to dig up the road at West Nassau Street in the downtown, in order to identify a sewer line issue. (Philip Weyhe/St. Peter Herald)

Short-notice construction took place on West Nassau Street in the downtown St. Peter Tuesday, due to a reported sewer issue connected to a business in the area. While the sewer problem was being solved, a temporary cell phone issue may have been created.

According to St. Peter City Administrator Todd Prafke, the construction team reported hitting a phone line, and the city received reports of Verizon Wireless cell phone service disruption. Verizon Wireless did not return a request for comment before the publishing of this article. There was no clear timeline Tuesday as to when the phone service disruption would end.

Prafke said the construction was to identify the specific sewer line problem and determine who would be responsible for any fixes. He noted that there was no indication the sewer lines along the main road downtown, Minnesota Avenue, had any problems.

The city expected the construction to be completed and the road repaired in a day or two.

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