St. Peter Awards Night

Senior Ashley Sosa comes forward to accept the 2019 Al and Cathy Annexstad Hope and Inspiration Scholarship during the May 29 St. Peter High School Senior Awards Night. (Photo courtesy of Kurt Hildebrandt)

St. Peter High School’s annual Senior Awards Night was held on May 29 at the SPHS Performing Arts Center with numerous awards, honors, and scholarships announced in front of a large crowd of students, staff, parents, family and friends.

A big part of the evening is the awarding of scholarships through the St. Peter-Kasota Dollars for Scholars Chapter as well as several other scholarships that were presented.

“This year, we awarded 75 scholarships totaling $48,700 to 71 students (through the Dollars for Scholars program)” Tracey Peymann, St. Peter Kasota Dollars for Scholars Chapter president, said. “We had 40 different donors provide 50 of the 75 scholarships and the remaining 25 were awarded from our General Fund (money raised by our annual phone-a-thon). We also had one new business, AmericInn, sponsor a new $500 scholarship.

“This summer, the application for our newest scholarship, the Roger & Sharon Bakken/Scholarship America Renewable Scholarship, will be available to St. Peter graduates who have completed one year of post-secondary education. This renewable award will increase for up to three years.”

In addition to the Dollars for Scholars scholarships, there are other miscellaneous scholarships along with awards, and honors handed out throughout the event to a very-deserving SPHS senior class.

One of the other highlights of the Senior Awards Night is the annual awarding of the Al and Cathy Annexstad Hope and Inspiration Scholarship, which was awarded to Ashley Sosa by Zack Haas on behalf of the Annexstad Family Foundation.

One of the other highlights of the Senior Awards Night is the annual awarding of the Al and Cathy Annexstad Hope and Inspiration Scholarship, which was awarded to Ashley Sosa by Zack Haas on behalf of the Annexstad Family Foundation. The scholarship award is for $5,000 per year over four years.



John Philip Sousa Band Award — David Doherty-Bohn and Isabel Panciera

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award — Kyle Fogal

Senior Drum Major — David Doherty-Bohn

National School Choral Award — Kaiden Burmeister, Lauren Mayer

American Legion

Oratory Award — Sophia Lee, Lauren Mayer

Scholarship Award — Yana Burgess

American Award — Adeline Guappone

Citizenship Award — Amelia Wernsing

Academic Achievement — Anja Dulin

Essay Award — Gabrielle VanGrootheest

Family Consumer Science — Yume Bollum

Music (Vocal) — Isabel Panciera, Isaac Peterson

Music (Instrumental) — Mikinley Prafke

Male Athlete — Jade Reicks

Female Athlete — Signe Alger

FFA Officers

President — Sean Miller

Vice President — Jasmine Witty

Sentinel — Cole Deegan

Reporter — Mitchell Pettis

Senior Class Officers

President — Lauren Mayer

Vice President — Mohamedaar Abdi

Secretary — Caitlin Salfer

Treasurer — Kyle Fogal

Student Council Officers

President — Sophia Lee

Vice President — Kendra Lindquist-Ove

Secretary — Kiara Krueger

Treasurer — Mohamedaar Abdi

Senior Student Council Representatives — Claire Dimock, Skylar McKinney, Isaac Peterson


Phi Beta Kappa Book Award (Gustavus Adolphus College Chapter) — Noah Gassman, Kayley Ronnkvist, Isabel Panciera

KNUJ Best of Class — Yana Burgess, Amelia Wernsing

Big South Academic All-Conference — Signe Alger, Claudia Giedd, Bailey More, Claire Nuessmeier, Matthew Pettis, Mikinley Prafke, Jade Reicks, Kenneth Ringler, Caitlin Salfer, Tyson Sowder, Amelia Wernsing, Xeanna Willaert

MSHSL Triple A Award — Signe Alger, Isaac Peterson

SPHS Three-Year, Three-Sport Athlete — Thomas Eide, Brock Hanson, Zephania Kyoore, Seth Lokensgard, Matthew Pettis, Jade Reicks, Kenneth Ringler, Caitlin Salfer, Tyson Sowder, Hunter Wilmes

Distinguished Athletes — Caitlin Salfer, Tyson Sowder

St. Peter Scholar-Athlete Award — Claire Nuessmeier, Kenneth Ringler

Agricultural Science Academy Honor Cords — Sean Miller, Andrew Moen, Mitchell Pettis, Hayden Thole, Jasmine Witty

High Step Health Science Academy Graduates — Adeline Guappone, Caitlin Juell, McKenna Reese, Caitlin Salfer, Xeanna Willaert, Mackenna Zelenka

American Welding Society Sense Level I Welder Qualification & Welder Certification — Andrew Moen, Mitchell Pettis, Jacob Regenscheid

Habitat for Humanity Service Recognition — Joseph Baron, Cole Deegan, Kolbe Erickson, Dylan Graft, Brock Hanson, Seth Lokensgard, Jacob Lorentz, Sean Miller, Mitchell Pettis, Jacob Regenscheid, Clay Roessler, Alexander Sieberg, Hayden Thole, Maleki Torbenson

2019 AVID Graduates — Anakin Chalin, Carter Doose, Emily Gessner, Rebecca Gordy, Jameson Klein, Huda Mahamud, Fatima Mohamed, Emily Putz, Andrew Regner, Isaiah Rollins, Baylee Sickler, Veronica Vande

American Red Cross Bloodmobile Award — Grace Penkert, Paige Tollefson

Faculty Award for Leadership & Academic Achievement — Nicholas Seitzer

Faculty Award for Leadership & Academic Achievement — Lauren Mayer

Associate Degree South Central College — Amina Khalif

International Student Recognition — Tom Boerner (Germany), Mario Ciancio Sanfilippo (Italy)

National Merit Scholarship (Finalist) — Yana Burgess


President’s Education Excellence (cumulative unweighted GPA of 4.0) — Yana Burgess, Anja Dulin, Claire Nuessmeier, Caitlin Salfer, Amelia Wernsing

High Honor Students (cumulative weighted GPA of 4.0 and above) — Nils Berglund, Yume Bollum, Mackenzie Brey, Yana Burgess, Nathaniel Dickie, Anja Dulin, Benjamin Epper, Kyle Fogal, Noah Gassman, Kylie Grack, Adeline Guappone, Caitlin Juell, Kiara Krueger, Sophia Lee, Bailey More, Claire Nuessmeier, Isabel Panciera, Emily Peterson, Isaac Peterson, Marlen Ramirez, McKenna Reese, Jade Reicks, Kenneth Ringler, Kayley Ronnkvist, Caitlin, Salfer, Jacey Welp, Amelia Wernsing, Xeanna Willaert, Mackenna Zelenka

Honor Students (cumulative weighted GPA of 3.667-3.99) — SSigne Alger, Kaiden Burmeister, David Doherty-Bohn, Savannah Dorris, Liliana Elofson, Claudia Giedd, Dylan Graft, Brock Hanson, Rebecca Johnson, Kaleb Long, Sean Miller, Grace Penkert, Mikinley Prafke, Joshua Quist, Marlen Ramirez, Kenneth Ringler, William Tauer, Paige Tollefson, Timothy Tuchek, Jasmine Witty

Principal’s Leadership Award — Sophia Lee

Lions Students of the Month/Year — Yana Burgess, Anja Dulin, Kyle Fogal, Sophia Lee, Claire Nuessmeier, Isabel Panciera, Caitlin Salfer, Amelia Wernsing, Mackenna Zelenka

National Honor Society — Signe Alger, Yana Burgess, Kaiden Burmeister, David Doherty-Bohn, Anja Dulin, Liliana Elofson, Benjamin Epper, Claudia Giedd, Kylie Grack, Adeline Guappone, Rebecca Johnson, Kiara Krueger, Sophia Lee, Lauren Mayer, Bailey More, Claire Nuessmeier, Emily Peterson, Isaac Peterson, Marlen Ramirez, McKenna Reese, Jade Reicks, Kenneth Ringler, Kayley Ronnkvist, Caitlin Salfer, Jacey Welp, Amelia Wernsing, Xeanna Willaert, Mackennz Zelenka


Dollars for Scholars Scholarships — Yume Bollum, Nathaniel Dickie, Claire Dimock, David Doherty-Bohn, Thomas Eide, Courtney Emerson, Ifrah Garad, Noah Gassman, Emilye Gessner, Adeline Guappone, Brock Hanson, Rosalita Hernandez, Rebecca Johnson, Seth Lokensgard, Grace Penkert, Joshua Quist, Marlen Ramirez, Andrew Regner, Clay Roessler, Isaiah Rollins, Isaac Sawyer, Baylee Sickler, Thomas Sneer, Anna Terhurne, Mirella Torres

Scholarship America Mission Award — Kayley Ronnkvist, Amelia Wernsing

St. Peter Education Association Scholarship — Lauren Mayer

Kiwanis Club of St. Peter Scholarship — Xeanna Willaert

David Michael Miller Memorial Scholarship — Brad Boyer, Bailey More, Anja Dulin, Jade Reicks

St. Peter Youth Basketball Association Scholarship — Carter Doose, Jacey Welp

Sons of American Legion for Students of St. Peter High School Scholarship — Mackenzie Brey

St. Peter All School Reunion Committee Scholarship — Kaiden Burmeister

St. Peter Volleyball Association Scholarship — Claire Nuessmeier

AmericInn Scholarship — Kaleb Long

Dollars for Scholars Phone A Thon Scholarship — Sophia Lee, Kayley Ronnkvist

David C. Rosoff Memorial Scholarship — Kiara Krueger, Kayley Ronnkvist

Kley Family Scholarship — Liliana Elofson

St. Peter-Kasota Dollars for Scholars Renewable Scholarship — Isaac Peterson

Nicole Meier Memorial Scholarship — Benjamin Epper, Kendra Lindquist-Ove

Peggy Carlson Women Celebrating Women Scholarship — Jasmine Witty

Alice Bergeron Memorial Scholarship — Caitlin Salfer

P.E.O. Chapter CN Scholarship — Emily Putz

St. Peter Rotary Scholarship — Amelia Wernsing

Ashley Rose Leonard Memorial Scholarship — Signe Alger

College & University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR)

Scholarship — Ashley Sosa

Eldred Engel Memorial Scholarship — Claudia Giedd, Aurora Severson

Trinity Lutheran Church Scholarship — Emily Peterson

Don Nesheim Memorial Scholarship — Kolbe Erickson

Anonymous Memorial Scholarship — Sophia Lee

Ameriprise Financial Scholarship — Kylie Grack

Loren & Mary Bjerke Memorial Scholarship — Rebecca Gordy

Bob & Nathan Bruns Memorial Scholarship — Tyson Sowder

Signe Chilstrom Memorial Scholarship — Chandra O’Brien

Emily Herr Memorial Scholarship — McKenna Reese

Steve Koble Memorial Scholarship — Dylan Graft

Eileen T. Miller Memorial Music Scholarship — Mikinley Prafke

Richard Reyelts Memorial Scholarship — Nils Berglund

Riverside Dental Care Scholarship — Yana Burgess

Dranttel Sales & Service, Inc. Scholarship — Hodo Osman

The Fair Emporium Scholarship — Mackenna Zelenka

First National Bank Minnesota Scholarship — Kenneth Ringler

Ken & Patsy Rossow Scholarship — Hayden Thole

Counseling Services of Southern Minnesota Scholarship — Savannah Dorris

HomeTown Bank of St. Peter Scholarship — Kyle Fogal

Nelson Printing Scholarship — Mitchell Pettis

Red Men Lodge Ottawa Tribe 49 Scholarship — Gabrielle VanGrootheest


Jim Hughes Memorial Scholarship — Noah Gassman

Greg Wiese Scholarship — William Tauer

Thalia Lopez and Larry D. Taylor Educational Scholarship — Ashley Sosa, Rosalita Hernandez

Edward H. Schultz Scholarship/Bachelor Degree Scholarship — Yana Burgess, Claire Nuessmeier, Isaac Peterson, Jasmine Witty

Edward H. Schultz Career/Tech Scholarship — Brad Boyer, Rebecca Gordy

Elizabeth R. Meurer Scholarship — Caitlin Salfer, Mackenna Zelenka

Al and Cathy Annexstad Hope and Inspiration Scholarship — Ashley Sosa

Raymond Jim and Dorothy L. Cain Scholarship — Jasmine Witty

AVID Scholarship — Rebecca Gordy

American Legion Post #37 Scholarship — Jade Reicks

Bolton & Menk Scholarship — Clay Roessler

St. Peter Fire Department John Kennedy Memorial Scholarship — Emily Peterson, Clay Roessler, McKenna Reese

Masons of Nicollet Lodge #54 Scholarship — Brad Boyer, Kiara Krueger, Isaac Peterson,

Kayley Ronnkvist

St. Peter Youth Wrestling Club Scholarship — Hayden Thole

Andrew Kruger Memorial Scholarship — McKenna Reese, Jade Reicks

St. Peter Trap Team Booster Club Scholarship — Brad Boyer, Nathan Pauly, Jasmine Witty

Compeer Financial Education Scholarship — Sean Miller

Army ROTC National 3 Year Scholarship — Kenneth Ringler

McDonald’s Arch Ways to Opportunity Scholarship — Claire Dimock

Southwest MN Association of Secondary School Principals Scholarship — Signe Alger

Ernie Vogel Memorial Scholarship — Jacob Regenscheid

SDSU Yellow & Blue Scholarships — Adeline Guappone, Sean Miller, Emily Peterson, Bailey


SDSU 96th Little International Scholarship — Jasmine Witty

Gustavus Dean’s Scholarship — Claudia Giedd, Xeanna Willaert

St. Cloud State University Academic Presidential Scholarship Award/St. Cloud State

University Golf Scholarship/2019 Minnesota Section PGA Junior Golf Scholarship -

Carter Doose

The College of St. Scholastica Benedictine Scholarship — Gabrielle VanGrootheest

Band Aides Instrumental Music Scholarship — David Doherty-Bohn

J. Scott Sanders, MD Memorial Scholarship — Kayley Ronnkvist

Marquette University Volleyball Scholarship/P‘ere Marquette Award/Marquette Alumni

Club Scholarship (Minnesota) — Claire Nuessmeier

University of Minnesota Presidential Scholarship — Jade Reicks

UST Trustees Academic Scholarship/Johnson Outdoors Inc. Sons & Daughters Scholarship — Kiara Krueger

College of St. Benedict Trustee’s Scholarship — Caitlin Salfer

American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship — Dylan Graft

MSU Mankato Baseball Scholarship — Andrew Regner

University of MN Gold Scholar Award/VFW Youth Scholarship/“Voice of Democracy”/MN Society of Professional Engineers Scholarship — Yana Burgess

Gustavus Presidential Scholarship/Gustavus Heritage Scholarship — Thomas Sneer

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