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Use this form to purchase your St. Peter-opoly board game - supplies are limited! This custom, localized replica edition of the popular board game includes local properties and game pieces - everything you need to play the game with a St. Peter twist. St. Peter-opoly makes a great gift and is sure to become a valued collectible! Purchase yours for just $25.00 each plus tax. The games are available now at the St. Peter Herald office at 311 S. Minnesota Ave. You can also use this form to purchase a game and have it shipped.

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Select this option if you plan to pick up your St. Peter-opoly board game at the St. Peter Herald. The games are available now. Price includes sales tax. Remember, supplies are limited - don't miss out!

Price: $ 26.72


Select this option if you want your game shipped and complete the shipping address information below. Price includes sales tax. Shipping and handling costs for one board game are $12. Please allow 7 business days for delivery. If you wish to ship multiple games to the same address, call customer service at 507-931-8561. If you want to ship multiple games to different addresses, please submit separate order forms. Thank you.

Price: $ 38.72