Scholarship America St. Peter

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Scholarship America, the nation’s leading nonprofit scholarship and educational support organization, based in St. Peter, is proud to celebrate National Scholarship Month through November.

The month, developed by Scholarship America in 1998, and now sponsored by the National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA), is a national campaign designed to raise awareness of the vital role scholarships play in reducing student loan debt and expanding access to higher education. It also recognizes the determination, ingenuity and drive of scholarship recipients across the country and brings awareness to the needs of all students as they work to achieve their educational dreams.

Scholarship America distributes $276 million in scholarship dollars to over 100,000 students annually. In 2019 alone, Scholarship America managed 79,920 individual awards through over 1,400 partner programs. These programs supported students entering fields such as education, healthcare, engineering, computer science, political science, communications, and human development; students who, through the support of our partners, may now have the career they once thought was out of their reach.

“Students in 2020 are experiencing adversity that none of us could have foreseen or prepared for; challenges that still threaten to derail their dreams indefinitely,” said Robert C. Ballard, president and CEO, Scholarship America.

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