Daniels Health Center

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mankato Clinic health care providers are offering telehealth visits to our patients. Telehealth is an effective strategy to safely delivery health care to people while following Minnesota Department of Health recommendations which require people to stay home and avoid contact.

“At Mankato Clinic, we are committed to caring for our patients and community now and always. Telehealth is an excellent way to deliver health care in this unprecedented situation. We are here to care for the communities we serve and we will continue to deliver necessary care to patients in the safest and best manner we can with the tools available,” said Dr. Andrew Lundquist, Mankato Clinic chief medical officer.

Telehealth care, also known as telemedicine, are health care provider visits conducted by phone or video. With more than 100 Mankato Clinic providers now offering telehealth visits to their patients, departments are contacting patients by phone to determine if this is a good fit. This week, Mankato Clinic physicians and providers conducted their first virtual visits with their patients. The response and experience has been positive for both providers and patients who can complete visits from the safety of their homes.

Visit www.mankatoclinic.com for updates.

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