The city of St. Peter's fall curbside leaf and grass collection begins Oct. 19 for properties south of Broadway Avenue.

Collection for properties north of Broadway will begin on Nov. 2. Both collections begin at 7 a.m. on the specified Monday, and property owners should have all their materials at the curb by 7 a.m. on the specified date.

This is a lengthy process (five weeks in 2019) that pits the city’s crews against nature and the possibility of collection ending snowstorms. That sometimes means collection starts before all trees have shed their leaves, and that’s one of the reasons why the start point rotates each year between the north and south ends of the community.

To help expedite the process, note the following tips:

Place leaves parallel and adjacent to the curb on the lawn within 6 feet of the curb line. Do not put leaves in the street, on a tarp, under a tarp, or in bags. Do not include grass clippings with the leaves. Do not include animal waste with the leaves. Place brush and leaves away from curbies, light poles, mailboxes, signs, trees, posts, utility boxes/pedestals, etc. Don’t park on the street in front of the yard waste until pick-up is complete (if possible, allow fifty feet [50’] either side of the pile so the tractor pulling a trailer with vacuum hose has enough room to collect the material).

If you live on a dead-end street, place material on the curb in front of the house, not on the deadend. If you live on a corner lot it is possible that one side will be picked up before the other as the trucks run north to south and then east to west to be more efficient in the collection process. If you want all your leaves picked up at the same time place your piles on the same side of the street. If you hire a lawn service company to remove leaves and grass clippings, make sure to share this information with them.

As mentioned above, a good snowstorm may put an end to the collection process, but leaves, brush, grass clippings and garden waste can still be taken to the city’s yard waste dropoff site at 1128 N. Swift St. if you miss the collection.

The site is open 24-7, year-round for the convenience of residential utility customers, but remember that brush and tree trimmings need to be cut shorter than 6 feet. This service is provided and funded by the environmental service fee on city residential utility customers' bills.

Information from the city of St. Peter weekly Hot Sheet newsletter.

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