Programs at the Arts Center of Saint Peter

Arts Center of Saint Peter

Clay sculpture inspired by primitive figures and the notion of "disability," and pillows made from hand-spun wool, comprise concurrent exhibitions on display Sept. 6-28 at the Arts Center of Saint Peter.

Cyle Gruver's clay figures were created over the past year in the Arts Center of Saint Peter's clay studio, where Gruver shares space with nineteen other ceramists. A potter for more than thirty-five years, Gruver's mobility became limited in 2015 due to a traumatic brain injury. after a year away from the studio, he returned in 2016 to focus on creating sculptural work one-handed. Primitive People: Playful & Predatory is his third solos exhibition.

"It started with a suggestion from my sister to do a series on disability," Gruver said. "Although some of the figures are 'disabled,' it extended beyond that because of my fascination with the development of humankind."

The Pioneer Spinners and Fiber Artists, founded in 1976, includes approximately 18 active members. The group meets monthly in Lake Crystal regularly to work on fiber projects and fulfill the mission of "keeping traditional crafts such as spinning and weaving alive," said member Janet Nordstrom of Le Sueur. "The pillows began with a challenge to make a pillow out of wool from your stash at home, and expanded from that." Pillow Talk is the group's first exhibition at the Arts Center since 2015.

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