Bryan Holland - Arts Center of Saint Peter

Work by Bryan Holland

Box sculptures that invite the viewer to touch, move, and interact with art objects are the focal point of Layered Realities: Recent Work by Bryan Holland, on display April 16 through May 29 at the Arts Center of Saint Peter.

Holland, a St. Peter-based artist best known for large paintings that juxtapose traditional realistic techniques with elements of graphic design, initially envisioned thrift stores and garage sales as the main sources of material for the interactive sculptures.

“But as COVID-19 shut down many of the venues I planned to frequent, my plans and ideas changed to incorporate less found art and more elements of my own construction,” Holland said.

In addition to the box sculptures, Layered Realities includes paintings and mixed media incorporating animals, mythology, and environmental themes.

“I’m also revisiting some earlier figurative ideas of incorporating old master works as a template from which to explore my own interests and ideas,” Holland said.

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