This year, the Minnesota Pork Board awarded five $1,000 scholarships to young people pursuing careers in agricultural business, agricultural education, agricultural engineering, agronomy, animal science, animal physiology, environmental sciences, nutrition, livestock reproduction, large animal veterinary medicine, and other related fields.

2020 recipients included Kendra VanDeest, of Lafayette.

VanDeest is a junior at South Dakota State University, studying animal science industry specialization with a minor in agriculture business. This summer she is interned at Wakefield Pork Inc. spending time in the wean to finish barns to broaden her knowledge of the industry. VanDeest has worked at Wakefield Pork Inc. for five years as a farrowing technician. In past years, she worked at the SDSU Swine Education and Research Facility and currently works at the SDSU meat lab while school is in session. VanDeest's passion for the swine industry began the first time she stepped into a pig barn and could not wait to dig further into the industry. VanDeest's passion to feed the world is her motivation and the driving factor to start her own wean to finish barn or work for a swine-related company.  

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