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I admittedly do not eat bullheads. But don’t tell that to the good folks of Waterville, who each June host Bullhead Days. The focus of the celebration — this year June 9-11 — is the slippery yellow-bellied, whiskered bullhead.

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The Snack Shack, with a 1950s vibe, is open May-October and is located next to the Community Patio in the heart of downtown Waterville. The shop serves ice cream treats, regular and specialty popcorn, hot dogs, coffee and more.

SCENE Waterville, old trucks mural #1138.JPG

Vintage trucks painted on the side of a building in downtown Waterville.

SCENE Waterville, El Molino sign #1126.JPG

El Molino serves Mexican fare in downtown Waterville.

SCENE Waterville, Hardware Hank interior #1077.JPG

Inside Waterville Hardware Hank, merchandise banks narrow aisles upon aged wood flooring.

SCENE Waterville, banner #1112.JPG

Childhood memories of fishing for bullheads in southwestern Minnesota, then eating the bony fish dredged in flour and fried in butter, frames Audrey Kletscher Helbling’s thoughts on bullheads. She can appreciate Waterville’s appreciation of bullheads, not just bullheads themselves. To see more of Audrey’s creative work, visit her blog at Contact her at

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