Choosing the perfect fabric for an outfit can be overwhelming. The options can seem endless — rayon, polyester, linen, cotton—the list could go on and on. But don't worry; we’re here to help.

SoMinn Style Linen

Dressed for work or play, linen has the ability to elevate any style.

SoMinn Style Cotton

Natural cotton fibers give the same crisp comfort in a knit fabric as they do in a broadcloth or weave fabric.

SoMinn Style Rayon

Choosing a blend of rayon and polyester in your workwear will ensure the soft flow of the rayon with the durability of polyester.

SoMinn Style Polyester

Like rayon, polyester can mimic silk with much more durability and at a fraction of the price.

Lisa Eide is the owner of Her Happy Place in St. Peter.

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