Arts Center of Saint Peter Pottery - Souper Bowl Swap Meet 2022

Well this is awkward. Last time I bared my soul here in Scene, I pledged to realize the dream of a March 2022 Souper Bowl sale at the Arts Center of Saint Peter.

Pandemic protocols had made it seem unwise to hold our traditional soup-serving bowl-buying event, but surely we could come up with some alternative format and go ahead with a sale March 17, per tradition. Alas, in all our brainstorming about the format of the event, we neglected to discuss the fact that our current bowl inventory was exactly zero. There had been none of the group “throw-a-thons” we’d held in previous years, because pandemic protocols had prohibited it.

There had been none of the usual commitments by potters to throw or trim or glaze bowls on their own, because somehow, thanks to vaguely pandemic-related upheavals in routines and priorities, none of our potters had time or creative energy to spare. The final straw in our slow painful realization that Souper Bowl simply could not happen this year was the forehead-smacking moment of remembering that the only reason we’d had a bowl sale in 2021 was that we’d happened to have 400 bowls sitting around in storage, from the day-before cancellation of the 2020 event, which coincided with the official start of our first stay-at-home order.

No bowls. Bad timing. A pottery-starved public. A community itching to gather. The solution? A first-ever Super Bowl Swap Meet, to take place in our back parking lot the afternoon of Saturday, July 16.

The idea comes courtesy the retired Arts Center members who’ve asked, in recent years, if we’d please host some kind of trade-in event to allow them to cycle their Souper Bowl collections back into the community as they downsize their households. Up until now, our answer has been a resounding “heck no.”

Why would we take in used bowls when our potters love experimenting with techniques to produce new ones, for which we already have little storage space? What use could we have for a bunch of of used, vintage, recalled Souper Bowls? Until now. Now, this is the greatest solution we’ve ever heard. We’re excited to see if the community thinks so, too. Here’s the need-to-know:

A first-ever Souper Bowl Swap Meet will take place on Saturday, July 16, from 1-5 p.m. in the parking lot of the Arts Center, 315 S. Minnesota Avenue.

Attendees may contribute any number of bowls bearing the Souper Bowl logo and exchange them 1:1 or purchase for a $5 donation to the Arts Center.

Also for sale will be plates, mugs, platters, and other functional pottery produced at the Arts Center, with sales benefiting both the Arts Center and individual artists. Music will be provided by KMSU Radio volunteer DJs battling for the title of Soundclash Champion. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own refreshments and chairs, and to park on nearby streets to keep the lot open for audience seating.

This event is sponsored and hosted by Wealth Management Solutions: A private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC.

Ann Rosenquist Fee is the executive director of the Arts Center of Saint Peter.

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