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Bargain Hunters

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Advertise your item for free in 15 area newspapers and shopper publications by completing and submitting this form. Each Bargain Hunter ad must contain just one item for one price. The price of the item must be between Free and $50. Best Offer ads are not allowed. 30 words maximum, including price of the item and the phone number. Limit 1 Bargain Hunter ad per family/household per publishing week. Additional ads submitted with the free ad are $5 each and require prepayment. The following items are not eligible for Bargain Hunters: pets, garage sales, fuel, firewood, guns and other weapons, ammunition, plants, produce, hay, grains, farm implements, tractors, mattresses and bedding, tickets and commercial advertising.

Please complete all required information
Please type agree in the space provided to acknowledge that you've read the rules listed above. If your ad submission violates the rules, the ad will not publish.
30 word limit including the price in the box below. Just one item per ad, per household, per publishing week.You have 29 words remaining.
Your item must include a price of $50 or less or be listed as Free.
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