Necessary steps to start your E-tearsheet account

Please use the following links to get started with our E-tearsheet application. As an advertiser with Huckle Publications, LLC you are entitled to view a proof of your print advertisement on the dates it was scheduled to run. We have full digital versions of our publications that can be found here. In order to gain free access to this part of the site you'll need to do the following two things:

1) Create an account on our Website (If you already have an account just visit the link in step 2)

2) After your account has been created you'll need to fill out this form


It's important to remember your Screen Name when you complete the form because we will need that information in order to give your account permissions to view the E-edition at no charge.

After completing and submitting the form a representative from Huckle Media, LLC will contact you either by phone or email to confirm your request. After confirmation your account will be upgraded allowing you free access to all of our digital versions of our print publications.

If you have any questions about this process please give us a call at 507.645.1120 and we'll be happy to help you get started.