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An important piece of legislation has been introduced in the United States Senate called the Local Journalism Sustainability Act of 2021, a bill that would help local newspapers reach viability through tax credits. The bill comes five weeks after a similar bill was introduced in the House.

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Now that session is over, I wanted to talk about one of the things I ran on, "One bill, one vote.”

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(St. Paul, MN)  --  Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has joined four other governors calling for an effort to clean-up chemicals in the U-S.  Central to the question are “forever chemicals” known as PFAS (PEE foss), used in firefighting foam and the manufacture of kitchen ware.  Walz joined the governors of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York in signing a letter of support for the PFAS Action Act.  It calls for the federal government to push for the mitigation of PFAS chemicals that have leaked into the environment.  The Act passed the U-S House of Representatives last week and is going to be considered by the Senate.

Record flooding, historic droughts, Lake Michigan’s disappearing shoreline. These are the increasingly visible effects of the climate crisis that threaten to further disrupt our economy and our daily lives, while disproportionately impacting underserved and marginalized populations in long-neglected communities as a result of historic and deeply rooted inequality.